Sea-Legs Pontoon Lifts

Sea-Legs Twin Tube 
(for two-tube pontoon boats)
Two heavy duty hydraulically operated lift modules provide up to 5800 pounds of lift capacity. 

Constructed of extruded aluminum alloy tubing and angled to provide strength and corrosion resistance. 

Two large 18-inch x 48-inch pads support the pontoon on lake bottom. 

Four hydraulic cylinders with steel alloy piston rods supply lifting power.

Sea-Legs attach permanently to your boat so you can take your lift with you wherever you go!

Lift height approximately 6 feet, measured from bottom of boat deck to lake bottom.
Single 1-hp pump tucked neatly under a seat activates the hydraulic cylinders.

Pump features an automatic shut-off alarm system to signal that the legs are fully retracted.

Sea-Legs are operated by either remote control or directly, via toggle switches located near the pump. 

In retracted position, legs tuck neatly within 5 inches of pontoon deck; works with any pontoon trailer, no drag while in water.

Total weight added to boat approximately 385 pounds, evenly distributed.

No drifting, no anchors, no banging against the dock.

Two year limited warranty.

When not in use, Legs fold up to within 5 inches of pontoon deck, for normal operation in the water or on any pontoon trailer.
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