A RUNABOUT is any small motor-boat, holding between four and twelve people, and capable of moving easily about on top of the water. They are traditionally planing hulls with a vee hull design. Runabouts can be used in racing, for pleasure activities like fishing and water sports, or as a tender for larger vessels. Some common runabout boats are BOW RIDER, CENTER CONSOLE, CUDDY CABIN and WALKAROUND.

The first popular runabouts were originally small, fast, varnished wooden boats. Many were created to take advantage of outboard motors such as the first Evinrude, introduced in 1909. To gain speed, a runabout's hull shape was designed to take advantage of hydroplaning rather than displacing large quantities of water to move forward.

Modern Vee hull design is credited to John L. Hacker who started Hacker Boats in 1908. He was a pioneering naval architect who developed many innovations, like the 'VEE-bottom hull'. John Hacker's brilliant designs became the model which virtually all subsequent runabouts are based.  Runabouts have been built out of wood, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass.  Fiberglass-reinforced plastic materials are extensively used in the construction of modern runabout boats to reduce weight, minimize maintenance, and maximize ride and performance.

Top Searched Bowriders in 2010: Baytiner 160 OB | Yamaha 242 Limted S | Regal 2300 | Bayliner 180 OB | Yamaha SX210 | Formula 290 | Bayliner 175 | Yamaha AR210 | Yamaha AR 240 | Bayliner 195 [source:]

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