Riveted Jon & Utility Boats

Riveted Jon & Utility Boats

With more than 40 years of boatbuilding experience behind them, LOWE® riveted Jon and utility boats provide outdoor enthusiasts an extremely rugged and affordable means to chase their passion. 

LOWE® riveted Jon and utility boats offer the best of all worlds. Rugged enough to stand up to the gravel, stumps and rocks when you're fishing. Light enough that you can quickly load them into the back of your truck or on top of your vehicle when it's time to go. They are also great for boating in shallow water where bigger, heavier boats can't reach. 

Your LOWE® Jon and utility lineup ranges from the easy-to-carry "Little Jon" L1032 to the Angler A1667WT Utility V, a rugged Deep V that's also great for working around the dock. LOWE also makes both flat bow jons and modified V bow jon boats.  Your list of LOWE jon boats with built-in dry/livewells begin with our LOWE L1440M ("M" stands for modified v, and "T" stands for 20" tall transom) to our heavy-duty L1852MT Olympic Jon. 

All LOWE® riveted Jon and utility boats are NMMA Certified to provide you peace of mind for years to come.

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